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GTMarketing Sales Team

Become a Royaltie Gem Affiliate and join our TEAM and start making some Money!

Order your Gem or Gems HERE, remember you check “Yes” to sign up for the Affiliate Program in the order form.
(It’s free to signup for the Royaltie Gem Affiliate Program, but you must purchase at least one Gem to submit your application).

It might take a couple of days before your order and application is getting When you do get your confirmation, please email us your Royaltie Gem Affiliate code.

Royaltie Gem will email you a tracking number. Shipment from Canada takes 5-6 day to 2-3 weeks or depending on where in the world you are located.

 As soon as you are registered on our TEAM we will provide you with tools and tips on how you can sell the Gem in your own network and make your new venture a success.

If you have any questions, please contact us at gtmarketing@guidetravel.no

We will provide you with:
• Your custom sales page on www.guidetravel.no, not unlike our own page.
• Assistance on setting up a Facebook and/or Instagram business page.
• Videos to use in your own Youtube channel.
• Custom ads (pictures and texts) you can use in your online marketing. See samples here.
• Custom emails for direct email marketing
• A custom ready-to-print flyer pdf to use in your offline marketing. See samples here.
• A recipe for success checklist.
• Online support whenever you need.

So how much money can you make?
Below is the payout plan and Royaltie Gem pays on the 15th of every month.

Royaltie Gem Payout Plan

The best part of this is that it is passive income. You do the sale once. If your customers are happy with the gem, you get paid every month.

What’s even better; you can make more money. Set up your own sales team with satisfied costumers as affiliates.

Q & A

Do I need my own company to become an Affiliate?
No, as with all affiliate programs you can get paid to your personal accounts.

Do I need my own website to become an Affiliate and a team member?
No, we will provide you with a sales page on our guidetravel.no domain.
However we strongly advice that you do have your own domain and website
when building and branding your own business.

Do I need an email address to become an Affiliate?
Yes, you can get one for free on Google or Yahoo.

Do I need a credit card to become an Affiliate?
Yes, you need a credit card or Visa debit card to pay for your Gem/Gems

Will I become filthy rich when signing up as an Affiliate and GTMarketing TEAM member?
Only time will tell. We are certainly cheering for you!

We hope you will partner up with us, and make a successful and profitable future together.

Paal Hansen
Founder of GTMarketing by GuideTravel Ltd.

If you have any questions, please contact us at gtmarketing@guidetravel.no