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Meet your audience in a new way!
It’s easy to reach the fans during a concert, but would it not be even better to engage them on several levels? Now you can reach your fan base directly on their mobile with proximity marketing.

With the Royaltie Gem you can get the audience’s attention in minutes or hours before and after the concert. The Royaltie Gem is a beacon that broadcasts signals in a radius of 100 yards, and is received as a short message with a link as a notification on all android phones via Bluetooth. Place a Gem at the entrance or inside the concert hall that sends out a message that goes to the band’s Facebook page or a dedicated landing page, that tells the audience what they can expect and whether there are any band shirts to be bought. Information about the band, playlists and where fans can buy and download your music etc.

Have a jewel that transmits from the stage during the concert as well. People will check the phone every 5 minutes anyway

For less than EUR 1 a day, the possibilities are endless.

Read more about the Roayaltie Gem, the technology, Blue usage, effects of proximity marketing, and more ways to use the Gem here.

Notification on a smart phone

Click for Landing page sample

(According to proximity marketing guidelines using Bluetooth in some countries the consumer must give acceptance before commercial content can be displayed. That’s easy, see example here).

Do you have any questions about the Royaltie Gem or require an offer for dedicated landing pages, please contact us on  gem@guidetravel.no