Restaurant and cafe owners

Invite your guests in with new technology
It’s easy to get visitors to enjoy themselves and plan their next visits when they already know the place, but it would be even better to get more first-time visitors in from the street. You can now reach both new and “old” guests directly on their phone when they are in your “neck of the woods” with proximity marketing.

With the Royaltie Gem you can get the public’s attention even before they pass your place. The Royaltie Gem is a beacon that broadcasts signals in a radius of 100 yards, and is received as a short message with a link as a notification on all android phones via Bluetooth. Place a Gem where people gathers that sends out a message with a link to f.ex. your Facebook page or a dedicated landing page, that tells a little about the place and what kind of food is served. You can inform about “Today’s Specials” and have a special offer, such as giving guests a free starter when ordering lunch or dinner etc.

For less than EUR 1 a day, the possibilities are endless. Efficient and inexpensive.

Read more about the Roayaltie Gem, the technology, Bluetooth usage, effects of proximity marketing, and more ways to use the Gem here.

Notification on smart phone

Click for Landing Page Sample

(According to proximity marketing guidelines using Bluetooth in some countries the consumer must give acceptance before commercial content can be displayed. That’s easy, see example here).

Do you have any questions about the Royaltie Gem or require an offer for dedicated landing pages, please contact us on  gem@guidetravel.no