Webshops to the people

We have been working hard lately creating promo materials; ads, flyers, posters, grab cards, business cards etc. for 2 concepts with beacons and proximity marketing via Bluetooth technology; Royaltie Gem and Asirvia GO.

When doing so and posting in social media we have received a bunch of requests from others that are promoting the concepts too, mainly from North America where proximity marketing for small businesses are getting big, to make our material available for others. It’s always fun when others appreciate the work we do, so of course we let others use it. It made most sense to create a webshop for each concept. Especially so we could make the files downloadable in categories in a searchable system. And also, of course, charge a small fee for the work we do.

Since we have been working a lot with WordPress the last year, presently the worlds most popular publishing tool for online content, it was natural for us to choose a solution closely linked to this, Woocommerce. We’ve never made a webshop before. Luckily we have had some sharp minds around that has done that job for us earlier. But it was time to learn something new, especially about online payment solutions. It became a steep learning curve, but we ended up with the webshops GTShop and GTGOShop. A little frustrating to go live with the first shop at 04.30 in the AM and having to pull out our own credit card to buy our own products to check if the system was doing what we wanted. It did tho, and at least we also learn how to do refunds on PayPal and Stripe.

Also fun that the orders/downloads from Europe and across the pawn has started to pick up after a very short time…..and a bit of plugging of the stores on the ol’ Facebook.

We’ll probably not in line to become the next Amazon, nor high flying billionaires by offering recycled ads and brochures, but it is a start.